Une intervention globale et intégrée

ISQUARE  participe et assure l'exécution des projets de construction et d'équipements techniques et industriels .

Les projets pris en charge sont divers et variés en terme de secteur, de taille et de complexité.




brown metal tower


Supporting us Moroccan or foreign manufacturers with an investment program in the industry as part of a new establishment or an extension. 

We intervene throughout the life of the project, ultimately culminating in the construction, equipment and start-up of the factory or industrial unit.

  • Maintenance industrielle
  • Unités industrielles neuve
living room set with green dumb cane plant

Real estate development

We address ourselves to real estate investors, promoters or not, with a view to assisting them in setting up, carrying out and commercializing their operations.

We reach a wide range of real estate segments: residential, tourist or tertiary.

  • Bureaux, Commerces et showroom
  • Logements individuels ou collectifs
yellow and black heavy equipment on desert during daytime

Immobilier tertiaire 

  • Bureaux, Commerces et showroom
  • Bâtiments administratifs et tertiaires
  • Constructions touristiques et de loisirs